Josh David

Drum Profile.

WATS up guys! My name is Josh; I was born in South Africa into a family who were really into music. My father was an excellent guitarist and his brother played piano, guitar, bass by ear. So from an early age I used to play guitar. I moved to Johannesburg and then my interest in drums started when I was attending a church service. Not long after that I started playing drums at the age of 13. I started playing drums by ear to my favourite artist like Daughtry, The Parlotones and Dream theatre. I then started playing in a band called Ernesty but after the death of the lead vocalist we stopped. I have so far been playing for 5 years in various bands and churches. I love playing different styles of music from jazz to metal.  The best part of drumming is playing in worship and leading others. My view on music is to respect the music but also follow your own unique style and groove. I am currently teaching drums, I have my own teaching program called drummersbeatit. Which aim at enhancing drummer’s technical skills and their performance. Still enjoying drums the music and the INS and out of drumming.

Hope to update this very very soon………..Cheers Josh D


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